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Self Care Tuesday

  1. Candles and flowers on the desk
  2. Yummy breakfast featuring coconut milk smoothie, tea, coffee, kale and chicken
  3. Blogging 
  4. Studying
  5. Grocery shopping
  6. Cooking
  7. Trip to whole foods for some much needed facial moisturizer and a creamy cleanser because winter
  8. (hopefully) AHS with Dave 



man u know when ppl are like “intelligence is sexy :))))” they mean “ppl w learning and/or speech disabilities are undesirable, as are people who are not up to my standards of white middle-class diction and interests :))))”

fuck off w that tbh

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So where all the white folks who talk about how rap dont talk about the issues?

Yall betta reblog the fuck outta this

Those white people are too busy voting for “Thrift Shop” to win rap song of the year.

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